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Appalachian Dolls

Each Appalachian Doll is original and one of a kind.  The similarities exist only in the attire.  Their dresses are made from reproduction fabrics of the 1930’s.  A lot of their bonnets, aprons, pantaloons are made from unbleached muslin.  Their articles of clothing are removable individual pieces.  Each doll’s hair has been hand stitched. I hand paint their face as well.

All these Appalachian Dolls are representative of my growing up years in the Appalachian Region of Sweetwater, Tennessee in the rural community of Fork Creek.  The names of the dolls are real.  Each one exist as a joyful reminder of living, working, and playing in the “Red Nob” dirt of my childhood.  Little did we know that the red sandy soil we played in was rich in iron ore which was later mined for a sizable profit.


As a matter of fact, Mr. L. A. Wood, owner of Sweetwater Mining Company, financed the opportunity for me to get my BS  Degree in teaching at Cumberland University.  I borrowed $700 from him to attend college.  It took me two years to pay him back!

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