Children’s game – Going to the Mill

Old Mill Game

Children’s game – Going to the Mill

Each game board is pieced and quilted together to make this simple guessing game.  Since there is no reading or counting involved, it is appropriate for the youngest child.  “Going to the Mill”  is a fantastic social activity for 2 children!  Game includes: piece quilted “Mill” game board, (2) corn sack moving pieces, and (1) sack for guessing

Read on to learn about how I came up with the idea and turned a chore into a game!


Game History & Set Up

When I was a young child in the 1940’s, I played this made up game with my cousin.   To start the game we would draw a rectangle on a chalk board. Then we would draw a line down the middle of the rectangle creating two sides; one for each of us. Then that side was split into smaller squares for marking spaces.Old_Mill_Game_chalkboard


Game Play

Using the same  piece of chalk we used to draw our game board,  we took turns hiding the chalk behind our back and then letting the other person guess which hand held the chalk.  If the guess was correct we would make an “X” mark in the appropriate space.  We would take turns guessing and then marking an “X” in the space on the rectangle.  The one who guessed correctly and got to the bottom first won the game.


So Why the Corn & Where’s the Chore?

So now I’ve explained the box and the moving squares, but where do the corn bag game pieces come from and where’s the chore?  Well…where I grew up in rural Tennessee,  pretty much every family had some size of a vegetable garden and the entire family helped in one way or another with the it.  Once the corn was harvested, it was generally the children who had the chore  of taking the corn to the mill to be ground into corn meal.  The corn would be put into sacks and off they would go walking to the millers.  During their walk to pass the time, the children often used pebbles to play a guessing game of “which hand held the pebble”.    If the guess was correct,  then the sack of corn would be passed to the other child to be carried. This back and forth guessing and passing of the corn sack would continue all the way to the mill.


Birth of the Quilted Keepsake game

So by combining combining my childhood chalk game with one of our chores – Voila! – The Old Mill Gamecreation of the quilted keepsake children’s game “Going to the Mill”.  Instead of chalk and pebbles,  each player takes turns hiding the fabric guessing sack piece and moving their corn sack along the road to the old mill.


Game Give Away!

I will be giving away a FREE “Going to the Mill” game to every participant in my Spring Sampler Workshop held on April 16, 2016.   CLICK HERE   to learn more about my workshop!